Arweave Boost Program Thank You!

PermaClipart would like to give a HUGE thank you to the Arweave Boost program for their generous donation to archive the clipart collection!

This post was supposed to happen back in May when we actually got the donation, but between work projects and other events the post to thank Arweave just did not happen. Thankfully what did happen was items were already being uploaded to the Arweave blockchain to be permanently stored. In fact roughly 10% of the collection has already been permanently stored on Arweave and is already available. You can follow the archive progress by viewing the transactions on the PermaClipart wallet. It has been a slow process to sumbit items to Arweave, but we are hopeful in the next little while to start taking advantage of Arweave Bundles to help speed up the archiving and keep the data and clipart SVG connected.

Again a BIG thank you to Arweave Boost for helping us archive the clipart collection and make it available for everyone for years to come!

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